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Paint It Up

IP - Paint It Up 1

IP - Paint It Up 2

My daughters have been getting into the pouring paints recently. It looked like heaps of fun and once I found these cute little book shaped boxes I just had to give it a go myself. What's not to like about a wooden book that's hollow inside for storing all your treasures?

It was really good to get back into making something with my hands and to be doing some art as well. I'd forgotten what it was like. Starting out full of hope, getting a bit despondent part way through when it all looks like a mess and then realising that it's finished and didn't turn out too badly. It takes a bit of time and distance for me to be able to think I've made something great. 

I had so much fun that I've been making lots of these. Playing with different colour combinations and varying my technique slightly.

IP - Paint It Up 3

I'm going to use this box to store all my downloads from The Circus of Similes.