A Poemabulation
Of Lakes

Balancing Act

IP - A Balancing Act 1

IP - A Balancing Act 2

IP - A Balancing Act 3

IP - A Balancing Act 4

IP - A Balancing Act 5

After doing the Uglieland Walking Tour, I popped onto the Art Gallery of Western Australia on the way back to my Northbridge digs. There's something about galleries and visual art that speaks to my soul. I can't quite put what it is into words but isn't that always the way with great art? It touches something inside you and challenges and changes you. I guess you don't always need words, sometimes it's okay to just go with the feelings.

IP - A Balancing Act 6

IP - A Balancing Act 7

IP - A Balancing Act 8

IP - A Balancing Act 9

The gallery space is a gorgeous, modern light filled building with a series of large rooms housing different exhibits from the gallery's permanent collection. I checked out Balancing Act which featured Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Art. So many great pieces!

IP - A Balancing Act 10

I then wandered upstairs to the Exquisite Bodies by Bruno Booth exhibition where I sat and drew exquisite corpse style picture. For those of you who don't know, exquisite corpse was a game played by the French surrealists in the 1920s. Players took it in turns to draw the head, body and legs of a creature on a piece of paper, without seeing what the pother people had drawn. It was lovely to be sitting at a table with other visitors, doing some art after wandering through the gallery and seeing all the works on display.

There were also foam bricks you could use to build sculptures and I wished the family were here with me so we could do it together. They would have really loved it when they were little.