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After we visited Floriade yesterday, we strolled across to The Marion for high tea. Mum was really keen to take the girls somewhere nice for cake and this place came up when I searched online for a suitable venue. The Marion is named after Marion Mahoney who was the partner and wife of Sir Walter Burley Griffin. She was a landscape architect and responsible for much of Canberra's beautiful early design. When you think of the bush capital, you really should be thinking of or thanking her.

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I didn't manage to get a photo of the first course because I was too busy inhaling it. Pancetta, seed crackers, vegan feta, vegetable fritter, chutney and artichoke soup in a little cup. It was followed by the traditional high tera cake stand filled with dei,icous goodness. The top tier held bite-sized cakes of magnificence, the middle tier contained sandwiches with the crusts cut off (I had slalom & dill and egg & chives) and the bottom tier a scone with lashing of jam and cream. All of this accompanied by an individual pot of tea for each person from a very extensive menu. You can also get coffee. My choice was the woku tea.

The best thing for me about this incredible high tea was that everything was gluten and dairy free. I didn't always have exactly the same as everyone else but for once I didn't care because the food they made me was just as good, if not better!  If you're like me and have dietary requirements, I would highly recommend coming here for a real treat. You just need to give the kitchen twenty four hours notice to cater for your needs. My other tip is to ask for extra servings. Apparently they can't give you a whole additional savoury plate but you can ask for parts of it which I did - getting some more pancetta, vegan feta and crackers. I also asked for extra sandwiches and got a refill of boiling water for my teapot when it was empty.

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The views from the restaurant, located at Regatta Point on the shores of Lake Burley Griffin, were magnificent. They were the icing on a rather fabulous cake!