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IP - Septima 1

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One of the great things about backing games on Kickstarter is getting a package arriving on your doorstep when you least expect it (although I have to say that you do sort know it's coming cos the game people keep you super well updated but when you first back the game you don't know it's arrival date so there's still some surprise in there). There's nothing like an unexpected delivery of a parcel to turn a dull day into extraordinary. What's not to like about opening a present to your self that you know is going to be great because, after all, you chose it?

IP -Septima 3

I have to start by saying that I adore this game and I haven't even played it yet! I am sucker for gorgeous artwork, sleek design and well made components and this game delivers on all counts. Of course I had to spend the extra dollars and go for the deluxe version of Septima because, well, wooden and metal tokens people! Not cardboard, not plastic, but wooden and metal!

What's more, it has an insert inside the box that works well and stores all the pieces in handy little slots and pockets. There are ingenious layers of pieces and game boards that all fit perfectly. And instructions on how to fill all the trays. Being organised is one of my super geeky powers so I really appreciate this thoughtful level of design and the work that must have gone into getting it just right. I imagine it was a logistical headache. More and more games are attempting to have their components well organised and stored inside the box but not all of them get it right. Mindclash Games I am happy to say, have nailed it.

All this might seem like no big deal to you but so many board games come with plastic bags to store your pieces. It's practical but not at all aesthetically pleasing to have all the components just rattling around inside a big old empty box. Meh. Don't even get me started on the games where the boxes are way bigger than their contents.

IP -Septima 4

The custom shaped potions tray is a gorgeous thing of beauty with the little cardboard potion bottles nestled deep inside the cauldron. I'm not a hug fan of plastic but I have to admit that it has its place here in this gorgeous game. Luckily it's just been used to store the pieces, not for the pieces themselves.

IP -Septima 5

And underneath that is the final layer with cards and characters. This game has been so well designed that the expansion fits neatly in to this tray.

This is not a small game. When I first saw the box I was a little taken aback by its size. It's about the same diameter as a standard euro game but way, way deeper than most. Once I open the box, however, and put all the components in their spots, the large size didn't matter because it is exactly as big as it needs to be to fit in all the pieces of the game. No space has been wasted and there's no filler or padding.

Now, I just have to read the rules and figure out how to play the game!