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Hello Home!


IP - Boxed 1

IP - Boxed 2

IP - Boxed 3

You know me, I love making things and getting a bit of a production line happening. I've been doing it since I was in primary school. I saw some cute little felt turtles with walnut shell backs at a market and wanted to make one for myself. They looked so easy to make and I thought it would be cheaper than buying one (it's not but you do get the satisfaction of making it yourself). Of course once you buy the materials to make one, you have so much left over that it makes sense to make lots and then give them away to all your friends as presents.

Not much has changed for me since then I have to admit. Once I start making something, I start to think alf all the people I know who would love to have one of whatever I am making. In this case, it's wooden book boxes to store Circus of Similes Ephemera.

You can see the boxes with their envelopes on the spare room bed in the above pictures. I'm still using whatever I've got to make what I need. Although I don't think anyone needs these boxes. I just hope that they will like them and get some sort of pleasure or enjoyment from their contents. I know I'd like to receive one of these in the post!