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Third time lucky they say and they're right. I booked tickets to see Hamilton in Sydney last year in May and then we were locked down. I spent hours agonising over choosing our seats (stalls or balcony?) for the best view. Then took out a small loan and hit book.... Read more →

On our drive from Strahan on the wild west coast to Swansea on the east coast, we stopped in Queenstown on the lands of the Palawa People to do the interactive app, The Singularity. It was created by the The Unconformity, an arts organisation creating a cultural conduit into the... Read more →

Yesterday we had an exhilarating and at times harrowing two and a half hour drive on gravel roads through the heart of the Tarkine from when we turned off the bitumen road of the Tarkine tourist drive down to Corinna. It is some of the most stunning countryside I have... Read more →

The Nut is the stunning backdrop to the town of Stanley. It's a huge, looming lump of rock that sticks up and out from the end of a bit of land that pokes out of the northwest coastline. It's a solid and reassuring piece of geology that the town leans... Read more →