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As you know, cabinets of curiosity (or Wunderkammer as they were originally known) are my latest craft obsession. Cabinets of curiosity originated in the Golden Age of Exploration (1400 - 1600s). Intrepid European explorers were discovering 'new' lands and bringing back all manner of curious specimens. Wealthy collectors displayed their... Read more →

There's nothing like leaving things to the last minute. Like going to the gallery on the last weekend (along with half of Melbourne) for a major art exhibition that only comes to town once every three years. The exhibition it turns out was brilliant, filled with all sorts of art... Read more →

Last Saturday as part of the Pscyhogeography and the Suburbs workshop I did with Nick Gadd at the Wheeler's Centre in Melbourne, we went on an hour long walk through the CBD to make observations, take notes and follow our senses. The brief was to notice the details, the small... Read more →

I've just come back from a magical four day craft retreat in the gorgeous Golden Valley, Tasmania. I ate organic meals with eggs from happy farm chickens and strawberries picked straight from the bush. There was also fresh milk and cream from the cows for those who could eat dairy.... Read more →