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On our drive from Deloraine to Stanley, we stopped off briefly at Penguin to see the giant, you guessed it, penguin! Penguin is a cute little coastal town with a boutique brewery and penguins everywhere, including rubbish bins and bollards. I loved the Doctor Who blue telephone box with it's... Read more →

After two years of lockdowns and pandemics, it feels so good to be leaving the state and going overseas. Even if that 'sea' is actually Bass Strait and we're not technically going to another country but another state. I'm consoling myself by thinking that if I lived in Europe, Tasmania... Read more →

I started this morning slightly foggy headed from getting up early to work before the rest of the house awoke. Serendipitously a space opened up for me to take part in the online Creative Future Eco-Poetry workshop with Rachel Burns. It's part of the Gingko Eco-Poetry Prize in conjunction with... Read more →