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I started this morning slightly foggy headed from getting up early to work before the rest of the house awoke. Serendipitously a space opened up for me to take part in the online Creative Future Eco-Poetry workshop with Rachel Burns. It's part of the Gingko Eco-Poetry Prize in conjunction with... Read more →

As you know, cabinets of curiosity (or Wunderkammer as they were originally known) are my latest craft obsession. Cabinets of curiosity originated in the Golden Age of Exploration (1400 - 1600s). Intrepid European explorers were discovering 'new' lands and bringing back all manner of curious specimens. Wealthy collectors displayed their... Read more →

There's nothing like leaving things to the last minute. Like going to the gallery on the last weekend (along with half of Melbourne) for a major art exhibition that only comes to town once every three years. The exhibition it turns out was brilliant, filled with all sorts of art... Read more →