Burrow is an online literary journal that is dedicated to mental health. It is published by Old Water Rat Publishing which is a family affair consisting of Phillip Hall (poetry editor) and daughter Rhiannon Hall (managing editor). They publish poetry and other micro forms on what it means to live... Read more →

I am feeling a real shift in my energies in the last couple of weeks. After having crashed and burned in January, I'm rising from the ashes ready to fashion a new self. But who will I be? Okay, that's a tad dramatic. Perhaps it's more about fashioning a new... Read more →

Cooking is an act of comfort and nourishment. It can also be a radical act of self expression. Or an act of reclaiming one's culture and heritage. Over the course of the last couple of years I have started to learn how to cook some of my favourite Sri Lankan... Read more →

I have been trying to push my craft to see how good I can make my writing. It's why I do workshops all the time. I feel like an eternal student - always curious, always learning. At the end of last year I completed the Poetics of Reticence class with... Read more →