This morning we managed to sneak in a visit to Floriade on our way to our other engagements (high tea at The Marion and a concert at St Paul's in Manuka). When we left my parents' place in Tuggeranong, it was slightly overcast but by the time we had found... Read more →

In the last year or so I've been going to the theatre again. When I was a teenager I would attend every performance put on by the Canberra Repertory Society and the Canberra Philharmonic. I've felt that there's something magical about a live performance. The greasepaint and the the actors... Read more →

After doing the Uglieland Walking Tour, I popped onto the Art Gallery of Western Australia on the way back to my Northbridge digs. There's something about galleries and visual art that speaks to my soul. I can't quite put what it is into words but isn't that always the way... Read more →