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I'm submitting a poem to an anthology with my publisher, Ginninderra Press. I have no idea if this poem will fit the theme of the anthology or catch the selector's eye. In short, I don't know if it's going to meet someone else's standards, fit with their vision or be... Read more →

I'm having a moment of existential crisis and self doubt. I'm despairing of ever writing a poem that will get published in a literary magazine. The poems in literary journals are incredible. When I read the ones that have been accepted I feel so ordinary. It's my secret fear. Being... Read more →

Do you ever put something off for, well, forever? And when you finally get around to doing it discover it wasn't so hard after all? That was the story with me and making baba ganoush dip. Years ago I saw a tv show where you had to char the eggplant... Read more →

Late last year found me scouring op shops for second hand white tops. I haven't worn white tops since having children - between my natural clumsiness and grubby little hands wanting cuddles, they haven't stood a chance. However, now that I'm eco dyeing everything in sight, I suddenly have a... Read more →