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On Saturday I spent a few hours in the backyard doing some watercolour painting. It was a lovely day and it was so wonderful to spend it outside with my girls. We set up a table with all our watercolour paints, jars of water, paper, brushes and book. You can... Read more →

Well, we are still in lockdown. It's much harder the second time round. The first time I really got into the groove of creating and slowing down. It was wonderful to spend time at home, pottering around the kitchen making yummy food. Now, I'd much rather be at the beach,... Read more →

I am so pleased with this drawing I did of an apple. I had no idea I could draw something so beautiful. I'm in love with all the gorgeous shading, texture and depth. But I can't really claim credit for the drawing as I had an excellent teacher who took... Read more →