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How many female artists can you name? How many of those are Australian? Less than a quarter of the artists represented in the National Gallery of Australia’s collection in Canberra are female. Approximately a third of the artists in the NGA’s Indigenous collection are female. This is in spite of... Read more →

It's been a long time since I've done any drawing. I did a fair amount of art during the big lockdown last year but this winter I've been focussed on all things Pocketry - namely the brand new poetry podcast, Pocketry Presents which seems to have taken over my life... Read more →

I was a little disappointed by this exhibition at Federation Square's Ian Potter Gallery. It was billed as Australian Impressionism and although there were many impressive paintings, not many of them seemed to be in a typical Impressionism style typified by Monet whose paintings I saw a couple of years... Read more →

There's nothing like leaving things to the last minute. Like going to the gallery on the last weekend (along with half of Melbourne) for a major art exhibition that only comes to town once every three years. The exhibition it turns out was brilliant, filled with all sorts of art... Read more →

On Saturday I spent a few hours in the backyard doing some watercolour painting. It was a lovely day and it was so wonderful to spend it outside with my girls. We set up a table with all our watercolour paints, jars of water, paper, brushes and book. You can... Read more →