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Over the last few years I've been slowly amassing a collection of board games. They're great for teaching flexibility, patience, turn taking, planning, strategy and basic maths. And they're also heaps of fun to play especially when you choose games with themes you're interested in as well as gorgeous design... Read more →

So it turns out that when your kids don't want to play games, it's actually that they don't want to play any of the games you've backed and bought! Instead, they want to obsess over a game you played at a friend's years ago and that your husband bought on... Read more →

This super cute board game from Flatout Games has captured the hearts of the whole family. How could it not? After all, we are a house of cat lovers and share our home with two very funny and quirky Tonkinese cats. If you're curious, the breed is a cross between... Read more →

During the seemingly endless lockdowns during the pandemic I spent a lot of time on Kickstarter, drooling over new board games. The girls and I would pore over the graphics, read through the descriptions and watch the videos. And then I would decide which games to back. We decided to... Read more →

This is my favourite game at the moment and I haven't even played it yet! I'm completely in love with the artwork, design and components. Everything has been created with such immense attention to detail which makes this game sumptuous to look at and hold. The art work is beautiful... Read more →

I've been bitten by the board game bug. Not just board games but card games too. They're come a long way since I was a kid playing the card game 500, Monopoly (aka monotony) and Game of Life (the last two are known as roll and move games). These games... Read more →