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{Basket woven by my ten year old daughter, Airlie, at The Village Continuum festival. Photo styling: Airlie} We're wired to create. It's in our DNA. I just know it. It's why there are cities and spoons, buildings and blankets, stained glass window and shoes. We just can't help ourselves, we... Read more →

I recently rekindled my shoe making passion with this project. I love those soft soled moccasins but given that it's now summer here in Melbourne, I needed some sandals. After a little bit of googling I discovered the exciting new world of huaraches. Huaraches have been worn by the Tarahumara... Read more →

I have this things for handbags. I just love having the right bag to go with my outfit. This outfit needed a new bag so I whipped up the one in the photo using leather offcuts and a shell I found on the beach. The good thing about my old... Read more →