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the stench of sun baked seaweed, midday and rotting fish, three weeks fills my nostrils as I speed through the red light ~~~ The above words are an excerpt from Drive, one of my latest poems. Quite apt given my recent road trip undertaken on very hot summer days. Luckily... Read more →

I can see from the quizzical expression upon your face that you're wondering wondering why I've brought you to this place As I lean closer lower my voice conspiratorially to a whisper I utter the words that must change your life 'I'm giving back the monkey' I say and lean... Read more →

heart shaped leaves blood stained nodding yellow bonnets sour grass ~~~ The above words are an excerpt from Oxalis, one of my latest poems. Until recently I accepted the conventional idea of weeds - annoying plants ruining gardens and needing to be eradicated. Now I see food, natural dyes and... Read more →

The words are an excerpt from Flight, a poem I have been working on recently. Birds are incredible. I love the way ducks effortlessly glide across the water and then cheekily come looking for bread crumbs. Let me know what you think of the poem in the comments. Read more →