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Eye to the Telescope is an online journal form the Science Fiction and Fantasy Poetry Association that has been publishing speculative poetry since 2011. They publish science fiction, fantasy and horror and even pay their authors for their poems! Each issue has a different editor which keeps things fresh and... Read more →

I'm not sure what is about certain poems. You know the ones - they've got something about them that you feel says something important. So you keep dusting them off and sending them in to journals and competitions hoping that they will find the reader they're looking for. Way back... Read more →

Burrow is an online literary journal that is dedicated to mental health. It is published by Old Water Rat Publishing which is a family affair consisting of Phillip Hall (poetry editor) and daughter Rhiannon Hall (managing editor). They publish poetry and other micro forms on what it means to live... Read more →

If you live in Victoria and you're not already a member of Writers Victoria, go join it right now! Don't worry, I'll wait here till you're done. Oh good, you're back! Now why did I want you to join Writers Victoria? Well they run a great bunch of courses throughout... Read more →

Another fine anthology from independent Australian publisher, Stephen Matthews of Ginninderra Press. Filled with poetry from some of the finest Australian poets. Including yours truly with the poem, too late. When I read my very first Ginninderra Press anthology, way back in 2018, I had a go at writing a... Read more →