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Seeing poetry in other languages really excites me. I only speak English with a smattering of German, Spanish and Sinhala (which I cannot read, yet!) so I can't understand the letters I am reading. Nevertheless, my eyes drink in the beauty of those different words while my mind wonders if... Read more →

I'm not sure what is about certain poems. You know the ones - they've got something about them that you feel says something important. So you keep dusting them off and sending them in to journals and competitions hoping that they will find the reader they're looking for. Way back... Read more →

I am feeling a real shift in my energies in the last couple of weeks. After having crashed and burned in January, I'm rising from the ashes ready to fashion a new self. But who will I be? Okay, that's a tad dramatic. Perhaps it's more about fashioning a new... Read more →

I have been trying to push my craft to see how good I can make my writing. It's why I do workshops all the time. I feel like an eternal student - always curious, always learning. At the end of last year I completed the Poetics of Reticence class with... Read more →