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I'm not sure what is about certain poems. You know the ones - they've got something about them that you feel says something important. So you keep dusting them off and sending them in to journals and competitions hoping that they will find the reader they're looking for. Way back... Read more →

It flies in from South Australia and lands in my letterbox. This small, elegant journal of twenty pages. Lovingly edited and curated by Joan Fenney it is a delight to read. And I am delighted to say that my poem, Nana's Kitchen is one of the poems in the June... Read more →

Isn't it funny how last week I was posting about all the rejections I've amassed from literary journals over the last couple of years and then this week, for the first time, I received more acceptances from journals than rejections (2 to 1). When I got the now inevitable rejection... Read more →

As a writer the one sure thing about your work is that you'll get rejected, countless times, before you're accepted. The above picture is a list of the poems I submitted in 2020 via the Submittable platform which is used by many literary organisations. There were also a whole bunch... Read more →