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Apparently American poet, Elizabeth Bishop, took 17 drafts too write a sonnet. Don't quote me on this, or ask me which one (does she even have more than one sonnet?) - I haven't actually backed up this stat or fact with research cos I was feeling lazy. Which is kind... Read more →

I'm currently juggling coursework for two online poetry classes I've signed up for and I'm thinking I may have bitten off more than I can chew! I feel like I'm back at Uni again only this time with the added responsibilities of work, children and running a house. One of... Read more →

I've just finished the second class for What the Light Tells, the poetry masterclass currently being conducted by Australian poet, Mark Tredinnick. It's great to be back in a classroom, learning about poetry and hearing from my fellow student poets. There's a big range of ability in the class from... Read more →

Since I wrote about being filled with doubt about my poetry, I've been going out every day for bike rides and spending time at the lake watching the birds and drinking in the sky and the clouds. I was going to say breathing in the fresh air except I'm not... Read more →

Look what just came in the mail. The latest poetry anthology from my publisher, Ginninderra Press. I'm so excited to have my poem, Intergalactic Tourism, included with poetry by Australia's best poets. I'm excited to read poems by friends and familiar faces such as Joan Fenney, Brenda Eldridge and Sandra... Read more →

I'm an old fashioned gal at heart. I like reading books and making things with my hands. I prefer walking to driving a car. And I'd much rather get mail in the letterbox than an email in my inbox. I found all these packets of letter writing paper and matching... Read more →